7 SECRET Signs A Woman Wants You
There are in fact NINE secret signs contained in this video. However, the last two are for the later stages of a relationship. ►►► START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW: For Live Events: UK Bootcamps: US Bootcamps: 7-Day Mastery Program: For Products: FACEBOOK:
YOUTUBE: Now we all know the obvious indicators of interest that women show guys such as: Over laughing at all your jokes. Finding any excuse to touch you Letting you touch her in a seductive manner Following you around like a lost puppy But did you know that there is a whole other category of indicators of interest that most men completely overlook?
Women are not always so obvious about their intentions, which is why I like to call this category of indicators the 9 Secret Signs.
Once you are aware of them, you will be able to spot them fairly easily, even if she’s not aware that she’s displaying them herself.
In this video, I reveal what the 9 SECRET SIGNS are and how spotting them can really help you to get a more accurate reading on the situation and where to take it next.

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