APPROACHING GIRLS (WTF is happening to people?)

Approaching Girls these days! I recently wrote an article about how my students were getting the best responses from women than ever before, despite the current #MeToo climate we are all existing in. In fact, I believe that the rise of the #MeToo and Fourth Wave Feminist movements has created a perfect moment in modern history for guys to get better reactions from when they approach. Surly this can’t be right? WRONG!
Women are complaining more and more about how men are approaching them less and less. They have become disenchanted with dating apps, and are now looking to experience the pleasure of meeting someone out of the blue, rather than via an endless oceans of swipes.
The one dimensional experience that you get from chatting with a filtered photo accompanied by edited and re-edited text messages drowning in emojis can never be compared to an interaction with someone face to face. You can’t convey persona, confidence, aura or sexual energy via dating apps, but you can when you actually interact with one another face to face. No wonder so many people are going through a dating app hangover at the moment, because let’s face it, people hardly ever match up to that incredible online persona that they've spent years polishing up when you finally meet them, and to be brutally honest, some of them might feel the same way when they meet you too. The other day me and some of the team were hanging out and catching up after a long day of filming a new documentary, which will hopefully be released soon (will keep you posted) We started discussing this topic, and we found that we were all getting the exact same kind of feedback from the girls who were getting approached by our students on The 7-Day Mastery Program, which was:
“Guys NEVER approach me anymore!!!!!”
I’ve always come from the school of thought that you usually need to go against the direction of mass frenzied trends, and this is a perfect example why. Whilst all the other guys out there are buried deep into their phones, falling further and further down the rabbit hole of selfies and bunny ear filters, and missing all the beautiful and single women who are walking straight by them, our students are capitalising BIG TIME. Whilst most men use this current climate as an excuse to not approach women, our students our flipping it around and using it as an excuse TO approach women. Whilst the other guys out there are on some sort of constant snooze button, our students are cleaning up. I guess the old saying “You snooze you lose” rings truer than ever right now. We decided to video some of our discussion regarding this topic. Featured in this video we have: Yours truly, Sam Overton (‘Day game’ and ‘Approach Anxiety’ expert) Dan Low ( ‘Day game’ and ‘Inner Game’ coach) Daniel S (‘Night Game and ‘Sexual Escalation’ expert) and Pedro ( ‘Night Game’ and ‘Social Dynamics’ expert) We were exhausted after a long day, so we were running low on energy, but this conversation that we felt was really important to share, will hopefully give you the encouragement to get off the snooze mode and stop making excuses for why you can’t and instead start finding reason for why you can…and should!
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