28 year old Chris from Brighton had been desperately unhappy with his ZERO success rate with women since he was a teenager. He had always felt very awkward when meeting new people (especially girls) and felt that even after he had managed to achieve a good career and had established a meaningful direction in his life, he was still always apologising for he was. His total lack of confidence was defining his personality and the anxiety continually overshadowed his many amazing qualities. Eventually after years of frustration and waves of unsatisfying episodes, he finally made the decision to take real action and end the negative cycle he’d been caught up in once and for all. Chris made the short journey to London in order to end a long journey of unhappiness, and signed up for the 7-Day Mastery Program. In this video, he goes through the incredible breakthroughs that he experienced whist on the 7-day Mastery Program, including a life-changing 5 hour session that he had with Ashley (who has been helping men to reach their full potential on the program for over eight years now) This particular session changed his perception of himself on a radical level, so I’m really glad that Chris talks about this specific session in the video, as it’s important for people out there to recognise that a 5 hour session can really make such a positive impact. Some people go to conventional therapy for years and don’t make those kind of breakthroughs. The 7-Day Mastery Program is essentially 77 hours of ‘one on one’ training with the world’s most experienced coaches, which is spread out over the course of a week. The training is involves both practical and theoretical sessions, but the exact amount of practical vs theoretical is ultimately decided by the student. There is no other program out there like this, hence why we have received and continue to receive so many video testimonials from our students who took part in the 7-day program. This particular video which Chris wanted to film with us in order to help other men out there in similar positions that he was in, is especially moving. He speaks from the heart and the incredible breakthroughs he made are reflected in the passion and enthusiasm which he found difficult to suppress. And why should he suppress it anyway?
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