How To Get A Woman To Think About You Non-Stop

How to make a woman thinks about you non-stop If the interaction you had with a woman that you’re attracted to was : . Connective
. Impactful
. Fun
. Dynamic . Memorable Then you are 80% there! But what about the remaining 20% ? This remaining (and critically important) 20% is what I have named as : ’THE BRIDGE’
It’s the bridge that you need to cross in order to change her perception of you from: “Yeah.. he was a cool guy..I think I might like to see him again” to “ That guy was amazing..I HAVE TO SEE HIM AGAIN” The bridge represents the way you spend your time when you’re not physically with her, and it’s important to know how you utilise this time in order to increase her buying temperature for you. Essentially you have two choices on how to utilise that time you’re not together, you can either make the same mistakes that most guys make such as swamping her with bland text messages and sending dull suggestions for follow up dates, which all inevitably dilute her initial desire to see you again, or you can optimise that time and make some small but incredibly powerful adjustments that will increase her buying temperature and fuel her desire to see you again. In this video, I share with you the steps to take after you’ve both exchanged numbers that will perpetuate her desire to see you again by increasing her intrigue, passion and fascination for you. ►►► START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW: For Live Events: UK Bootcamps: US Bootcamps: 7-Day Mastery Program: For Products: FACEBOOK:

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