►►► START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW: Moving on after a break up We all know that break ups suck generally suck! But…. Now obviously there are some break ups that make us want to crack open a bottle of champagne, but unfortunately the majority of break ups make us feel:
a) Lonely b) Depressed
c) Pathetically nostalgic
d) Hopeless
e) Pessimistic Most dating coaches or relationship experts encourage some sort of a ‘healing process’ to come into force after a break up, which they say needs to continue for ‘as long as it takes’
In my opinion this usually ends up creating a horrible kind of ‘no man’s land’ that provides too much time to over indulge in self pity and contemplation, which usually leads to humiliating long episodes of stalking your ex partner’s social media accounts. Now don’t get me wrong, taking that first step back into the dating game can be extremely daunting, particularly if you've come out of a very long relationship. This is partly due to the way that the dating scene is changing on a rapid scale (Thanks to the rise of dating apps and ever increasing environmental distractions) However, after spending over a decade helping hundreds of men get back in the dating scene (and win on an epic scale!) I have learned that no matter how much the dating scene changes, the fundamental attraction triggers that every man should possess are ALL THAT MATTERS. Those fundamental attraction triggers which are revealed in THIS VIDEO will literally bypass all social and cultural nuances and changes that occur overtime in the world of dating. You see, this is where men mess up. Most guys get caught up trying to adjust to the changes that the dating world keeps on and on churning out , and as a result they neglect those all important key seduction triggers , and those key attractive male qualities that make women desire them REGARDLESS of what era we happen to be in. So if you’ve spent too much time indulging in your ‘healing process’ and convincing yourself that the dating scene has moved on too fast for you to even get a first step on the ladder, then it really is time for you to man up and take action. By applying these powerful male attraction triggers that I’m sharing with you in THIS VIDEO (that I’ve just uploaded to my Youtube channel) you will have no problem achieving success with the new women you will be meeting. ►►► START YOUR TRANSFORMATION NOW: For Live Events: UK Bootcamps: US Bootcamps: 7-Day Mastery Program: For Products: FACEBOOK:

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