How to kiss someone for the first time step by step

Going in for the kiss can feel daunting. Guys often experience a feeling of uncertainty when they want to kiss the girl, and as a result the moments building up to it can feel extremely awkward for both. The micro moments that lead up to the kiss should feel exciting and packed with desire, but if guys don’t know how to physically escalate towards the kiss then it’s no wonder why so many of them either back off the idea and postpone it for another time (which can consequently lead them fast into the friend-zone) or make an awkward and uncertain attempt that ends up with an unwanted outcome. Back by popular demand, Jozzy, who is one of the most experienced instructors on my team and specialises in RAPID SEXUAL ESCALATION, shares some of his incredibly powerful ‘escalation sequences’ that you can use in order to help you go in for the all important first kiss without coming across needy or creepy. For this video, Jozzy demonstrated his ‘First Kiss Sequences’ on me, and I have to admit that they are very powerful! I didn’t feel for one-second that they were creepy or needy in any way, and after speaking to many of my 7-Day Mastery Program students who worked ‘one on one’ with Jozzy during their time with us, I heard nothing but 100% amazing feedback from them.
So if you struggle with getting that ‘first kiss’ with the girl, and want to discover some ways that will help you to sexually escalate, without coming across as creepy or awkward, then you need to watch THIS VIDEO:
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