David Attenborough’s Our Planet on Netflix is beautiful but empty

The veteran naturalist lays the blame for Earth’s increasingly fragile ecosystem on humans, yet the stunning visuals in Netflix’s Our Planet add little to the genre

Life 4 April 2019

Ben Macdonald / Silverback/Netflix

A young Philippine eagle sits atop the rainforest canopy, noisily badgering its mother for food. “The chick is very demanding,” says David Attenborough, wryly. But the bird is soon fending for itself, risking death as it flaps precariously along a branch 70 metres high. Finally, we are treated to the soaring sight of its first flight or, as Attenborough puts it, the day when “confidence suddenly matches know-how”.

Our Planet, Netflix’s flagship nature series, is classic wildlife TV, with sumptuous visuals and engaging narratives. But what makes it interesting is another strand, …


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