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Democrats: GOP Must Apologize to Rashida Tlaib for Reacting to Her Holocaust Comments

Democratic Party leaders are not demanding that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) apologize for offensive remarks about the Holocaust. Instead, they are demanding that Republicans apologize to her for their outraged reactions to her comments.

On Saturday, Tlaib told the Skulduggery podcast that she had a “calming feeling” when thinking about the Holocaust because, she claimed (falsely), Palestinians had provided “a safe haven for Jews.” Tlaib brought up the Holocaust in answer to a question about her support for a “one-state solution” that would replace Israel with a Palestinian state.

Republicans were sharply critical of Tlaib, who has a history of antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. Some focused on her odd remark about a “calming feeling”; others attacked her revisionist history of the Holocaust and the Palestinian response. As even CNN noted, Palestinian Arab leadership collaborated with Hitler and opposed Jewish immigration.

Rather than criticizing Tlaib, Democrats circled the wagons — and demanded that they apologize to her:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) struck a similar tone:

Tlaib issued a statement reiterating her false historical claims and accused her critics of racism and Islamophobia.

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One Thought to “Democrats: GOP Must Apologize to Rashida Tlaib for Reacting to Her Holocaust Comments”

  1. Larry Watkins

    Rashida Tlaib, certainly has the right to speak her feeble mind(Her words are a true test of The First Amendment)in an attempt to change history to more brightly reflect her religion’s actions at the time of their alliance with Hitler and the Nazi Party. As all the Democrats have done with their own connections to racism, slavery and the Klu Klux Klan. I would only like to say that I wish her the “calming feeling”of Kristallnacht(The Night Of Broken Glass); the “calming feeling”of riding in the train cars, packed and stacked so tight that some, mercifully, suffocated on the way to the promised “work camps; the “calming feeling” of dehumanizing treatment and starvation; the “calming feeling” of human medical experimentation and surgeries with no anesthethetic; and the final “calming feeling” of being locked in as the gas fills your large mausoleum; and the “ calming feeling” as the flames licked he tender flesh.-all of these being your “safe haven”.
    In Truth, Hitler did not like Muslims, either. he was the ultimate white supremacist! The only thing that brought them together was the love of killing Jews. Had he not been defeated by the Allies, he would’ve also wiped out all the Muslims.

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