Judo Fighter Disqualified After Phone Falls Out Of Pocket Mid-Match

Judo Fighter Drops Phone Mid-Match … Disqualified!!!

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Good news, bad news for a Judo fighter who had his phone slip out of his pocket mid-match in a major competition last week … 

The Good? Hey, the screen didn’t crack!!

The Bad? Dude was disqualified immediately!!

The most egregious dropped call ever went down in the Baku Grand Slam in Azerbaijan … where Portuguese judoka Anri Egutidze took on Sweden’s Robin Pacek.

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As the two locked up in the beginning stages of the fight … Egutidze bent over — and his phone slipped right out of his gi.

The ensuing moments were about as awkward as a judo match has ever gotten — ’cause Pacek picked up the phone, and Egutidze tried to play it off like it was no big deal.

But, the ref wasn’t having any of it — apparently, carrying a phone during a match is against the rules — and he immediately DQ’d Egutidze.

Can ya hear me now?!


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