12 Reasons Stranger Things 3 Is the Best Season So Far


We assume you’re already excited for season three of Stranger Things, which finally makes its long-awaited debut this week, but get yourself a little more excited. 

We’re pretty sure season three is the show’s best season so far in pretty much every way possible, and we’ve got a whole bunch of reasons why. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there’s very little about what happens this season that we’re allowed to even speak about, so we can’t give you all of our reasons (yet), so what follows is a fully spoiler-free list of things you’re going to love about the eight episodes that are dropping on Thursday. 

When this Thursday finally arrives and you’ve binged all eight episodes as you’re absolutely going to want to do, be sure to come back to talk about all the many, many things we’re going to need to talk about after the season is over! 

Stranger Things‘ third season arrives on Netflix on July 4th.