Dog Refuses to Leave Crash Site 18 Months After Owner Dies


Dogs share a special bond with their human owners.

An extremely loyal dog was left in Greece where his owner was killed 18 months ago during a car crash, with locals moved so much that they have even built an impromptu home on the spot from which he refuses to leave.

I mean, some of us may think that we’re a good friend to others–by being there for someone when they have a really rough breakup–but that little buddy shows us what being a loyal friend really means.

Nafpaktia News reported that the owner of the dog was a 40-year-old man named Haris, who died when a cement mixer hit him on 9 November 2017.

While nobody really knows how the pooch came to the crash site, 7.5 kms from his place, Haris ‘ four-legged buddy has remained at that very site since he was tragically killed.



Many locals have tried to take the cardiac dog, yet apparently, he has none and does not want to move away from the site-even when the weather gets hot, he’ll only ever go and plunge for some shade into the nearby bushes.

The residents instead decided to build the animal a much-needed home, leaving him a blanket to stay warm, and food and water.

Youtube/Nafpaktia News

Apparently, in the local area he’s been dubbed the ‘Greek Hachiko’, as a reference to the Japanese dog that famously waited for its owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, at Shibuya Station in Tokyo every day -even after his death in 1925, turning up as usual until his own death almost 10 years later.

And these are not lone cases where dogs are ALL ROUND OUR BEST FRIENDS.

Just last year, there was a dog for waiting at least four months outside the clinic where its owner died.

His owner was stabbed, and taken to Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. The dog followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital to stay with his owner.

Unfortunately, the person died and his dog cannot move from the entrance of the hospital, obviously thinking that the handler remains alive.

We don’t deserve such amazing creatures!

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