10-Year-Old Girl Wins Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer On ‘America’s Got Talent’


Talk about amazing performances! Wow!

Emanne Beasha, a 10-year-old Jordanian girl residing in Florida, may have felt some nerves before taking the stage of “America’s Got Talent” for the Judges Cut part of the competition. She chose the “Caruso” classic opera solo, which Emanne said was the “hardest song” she ever performed.

Singing with a voice far more mature than her young age, Beasha wowed the crowds watching as well as all the judges of “America’s Got Talent.” With the confidence of a highly trained opera diva, her notes soared.

Emanne was precisely the kind of talent he hoped to see during his appearance as a guest judge on the show said comedian Jay Leno. Leno confessed that he was nervous about judging the talent of other people to People.com.

“So when they asked me to do ‘AGT,’ I thought, ‘Oh that would be fun!’,” he said. “I worried a bit, how I would handle it if an act wasn’t very good, what would I say?”



Leno had no trouble acknowledging the singing talent of Emanne and made a choice that probably altered the life of the young girl.

“I feel at some point of my career, people will say, ‘What do you remember most?’” Leno said to Emanne, who stood on the stage after her performance. “I remember hitting the golden buzzer.”

By hitting the golden buzzer, Leno placed Emanne in the competition’s live finals automatically.

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