Man Hasn’t Cut His Hair In 20 Years Then Rachel Ray Show Gives Him A Makeover And His Fiance Doesn’t Recognize Him


Some men are blessed with a full head of hair, and that was certainly the case for this man named Roger. Roger has always had a lot of hair and went 20 whole years without ever cutting it.

Roger’s fiance, Fleur, has been with him for 13 of those 20 years and has never seen him without waist-length hair. Little did Fleur know that Roger has been hiding a secret underneath all of that hair for the entire time they’ve been together! Well, she would be in for a real surprise!

The couple appeared on a special makeover edition of the Rachael Ray Show where it was time to let the real Roger out from behind all that hair! Roger explains during the interview that he had shaved his head right after finishing high school, but then his life got busy and he just never made time to get a haircut. Eventually, he even forgot what he looked like under all of that hair!

Well, the stylists at the Rachael Ray show did wonders on Roger’s look! He got a complete makeover and cut off all of his long hair! It was such a dramatic transformation, and then it was finally time to show Fleur what Roger was hiding under there. When Fleur saw Roger’s new look she just couldn’t contain her shock or excitement!

Watch the incredible transformation and Fleur’s sweet reaction to her fiance in the video below:



[embedded content]

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