Mom Is Told to Bring Dwarf Baby Home to Die But 14 Years Later She Is Still Proving The Doctors Wrong


Please pray for this sweet little girl!

Babies are God’s blessings to us, but not every parent is able to have a child that is born healthy. Unfortunately, there are many babies who are born with severe health issues that put a lot of emotional and financial stress on their families. But, God works miracles and he is always working for our good!

It was back in 2003 when Brianne Jourdin gave birth to her precious little baby girl. She named her baby Kenadie, but the little girl only weighed in at  2.5 pounds and measured just 11 inches in length. Not only was she very small, but part of Kenadie’s brain was missing. The nurses who were caring for Brianna and Kenadie called the little girl “Thumbelina.” Doctors then informed Brianne about her daughter’s condition and said that the little girl would most likely die from the severe brain damage she had. In fact, they gave her just days to live.

Brianne took Kenadie to be baptized the day she was born. “It was like mourning,” Brianne said. “The idea of all of the life that you imagined for your child has suddenly been taken away.” But, Kenadie lived past the expectancy the doctors gave her. And, at 8 months old, Kennedy was diagnosed with a rare form of primordial dwarfism. This condition can cause premature aging, bone fragility, respiratory issues, and many more scary medical issues. But, 14 years later, Kenadie is still alive and she is thriving! This little girl is still baffling the doctors that once said she wouldn’t make it.

“She’s kind-hearted, she is loving and wants to share everything with everyone. She is feisty, determined and independent,” Brianne said.Kenadie is just like other children and has passions. She loves to ice skate and go bowling with her friends, and Brianne couldn’t be more proud of her achievements! “It makes me proud– it makes me cry– I cry every time she’s on the skating rink. Everything she does I cry,” Brianne said. “She has definitely proved all those doctors wrong. She had defied all odds. She has overcome so many obstacles.”



Watch sweet Kenadie and her mom in the video below:

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