Mother fights off 3 armed men who try to steal her car with her young son in the backseat


Camera footage shows 24-year-old Amy-Leigh Hill fighting masked carjackers as they tried to steal her Audi SQ5 from her home with her 3-year-old child in the back.

One of the males was equipped with a crowbar and requested the keys to the car, but Amy-Leigh refused to give them over and bravely battled back during last month’s assault. The males were caught wrestling with Amy-Leigh, but she managed to get them away before they escaped the scene in a waiting getaway car.

The mother-of-one claims that her child, Ronny, was traumatized by the event and continues wondering where the “baddies” are. She’s now talking about the scary attack in the hope that someone might recognize the attackers and report them to the police.

Read the story from Amy’s point of view below:

“They pushed me up against the window of my house by the throat. I kicked them off and was screaming at them to get off. I was saying ‘my child is in the car’ but they weren’t paying attention. I did everything in my power to do stop them. I acted on instinct. My friend said ‘give them the keys’ but I screamed ‘my baby’s in the car’.

“They had a crowbar but weren’t hitting me with it, so I thought, well if they were going to hit me they’d have done it by now and carried on fighting back. One of them got into the car and I shouted ‘my son’s in the car – leave him alone’. I even sat on my handbag with it under a plant pot it so there was something between them and my keys. They paid more attention. We called the police on loudspeaker and neighbors were checking if we were OK. At that point they ran off.”

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