A 74-year-old woman gave birth to twins and becomes oldest woman ever to give birth


A 74-year-old woman now holds the record for “world’s oldest mom” after giving birth to twins on Thursday.

She became pregnant following a round of in vitro fertilization using donor eggs. The woman, identified as Erramatti Mangayamma, and her husband, 80-year-old Rajarao, hail from a small Indian village in the Eastern Godavari district.

The couple welcomed two baby girls after undergoing one round of IVF in January, her doctor claims, ending their 60-year wait to be parents. Mangayamma’s feat surpasses that of a 70-year-old who previously held the record for oldest recorded age at birth.

Doctors are reporting no complications after the daughters were born via C-section.

“It was smooth, as there were no health complications,” Dr. Umasankar, of the Ahalya Hospital, told SWNS. “Each baby is weighing approximately 2 kgs (4.4 pounds) and both babies are healthy.”

Dr. Umasankar does not predict any major issues for his patient.

“I don’t think she will have any major health issues in the post-delivery period,” he told SWNS.

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