3-year-old hospitalized after woman stabs him in the face in public for no reason


Praying for this child.

The world is a dangerous place. Even so, there are some measures that you can take as a parent to better ensure your kids are safe, and there are some precautions that should be taken to keep them away from danger. That said, life is volatile, and sometimes events occur that are out of your control.

Security footage has appeared online showing a woman stabbing a 3-year-old child in his face for reason other than he happened to be there walking with his parents.

According to police, the offender was a 51-year-old woman that the victim’s family had never seen before.

The woman apparently approached the family with a knife and made a stabbing motion cutting the boy’s face, leaving deep cuts on his nose and cheek.

The footage was caught by a neighboring pharmacy security camera, showing the woman stabbing the kid before walking away calmly. Then she returns to try again, this time going after the other child as well, only to be halted by the parents of the boy. Then she makes a getaway, leaving those at the scene shocked and stunned by what just took place.

The next day, the 51-year-old was picked up by the police and faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. The boy’s family claims they’ve never seen the lady before, making her assault all the more inexplicable. As reported, the child was carried to the hospital where he had undergone surgery. He’s going to stay there until his situation improves. Praying for him!

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