‘The power of God cannot be calculated by a number’ – Kanye West preaches at Sunday Service

kanye west
Kanye West preached an impromptu mini sermon at the New Birth Church in Atlanta Georgia during a Sunday Service(Photo: YouTube/Kanye West Specials)


Sunday Service is an ever evolving Christian project led by Kanye West and on Sunday it developed a step further when the rapper interrupted the praise to preach to the congregation. 

West took the most recent Sunday Service to the New Birth Church in Atlanta over the weekend in another break from its origins in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas. 

At one point in the session, Kanye paused the music to pray to God and tell the congregation that God was looking for “radical obedience” from them. 

“I’ve seen Him work miracles in my life,” the Yeezy mogul said.

At another point, he said that he had been accused of being judgemental but said he wasn’t going to stop sharing his views.

“They be coming at me like, ‘why are you so judgmental?’ Well, it ain’t for me to judge but I’m gonna say what I see,” Kanye said.

“That’s another thing that the Devil says.. ‘why are you speaking up so much?'”

“I’m just pointing to the word,” the rapper added.

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He drew his biggest applause from the congregation, though, when he warned them against “chasing a gold statue” and focusing on numbers instead of God. 

“The power of god can’t be calculated by a number, by a first week sale, by a bank account, by how many cars you drive, by how big your house is and how many acres you got,” he said. 

What started out as an exclusive gathering of close friends and family is expanding into an ever wider circle of people.

Last month, he took Sunday Service to the California Worship Center where he and his choir performed for a few hours during its weekly service a North Hollywood high school auditorium. 

His wife, Kim Kardashian West, was on popular US talk show The View last week, where she talked more about Sunday Service and the impact it’s had on her husband. 

“Kanye started this to really heal himself and it was a really personal thing, and it was just friends and family,” she said.

“He has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ.”

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