Nurse hears 8-year-old boy desperately needs liver transplant and steps in to save the day


Bayden Auten, who is from Wisconsin, is much like any other little boy. He enjoys wrestling and, according to his mother, he was the healthiest individual she knew. So, a week after the young boy completed competing in the state championships and began complaining that he was feeling ill, his parents were concerned.

Brayden had to be taken to the hospital where the physicians informed his relatives that he had an invasive virus attacking his liver and that he urgently required a liver transplant. And, even though it was a devastating diagnosis, Brayden claimed that he was never scared.

The brave little boy’s parents, however, felt differently. “It was absolutely terrifying to not know how much time you have left with your child,” James Auten, Brayden’s dad, said. A donor to Brayden had to be discovered rapidly because none of his relatives were a match.

Word spread rapidly to the hospital next door, and ICU nurse Camie Loritz came forward. And, not only did this nurse was to help Brayden with her healthcare expertise, but she wanted to give him a gift that would require her to give up part of herself.

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“He would have died. I don’t think that’s fair for an 8-year-old,” an emotional Camie said. Camie was the perfect match for Brayden, and the surgery was a success. Now both of these brave people can go back to living life to the full, but they’ll share a bond forever.

Wow, nurses are quite amazing!

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