Woman gets a cut on thumb at nail salon then one month later almost looses her entire arm


Going to a nail salon is something that many women enjoy doing on a regular basis. As a result, it is alarming to think that doing so could pose a potential danger. Of course, the vast bulk of nail salons are secure, practical places. However, one lady from Tennessee claims that she almost lost her arm after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria while at a nail salon.

Jayne Sharp claims she’s experienced a number of surgeries to remove infected flesh from one of her fingers. Sharp believes she picked up the infection while she was getting a manicure.

“While I was there I got stuck on my thumb and I went ‘ouch’ but I went back to looking at my telephone,” she said. Soon after that, Shapr’s thumb began to throb. Not much time passed before she felt so sick that it was difficult to sleep that night.

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The next day, Sharp went to find medical assistance to check to see if she had the flu. The flu test was negative, but nurse Nikki Brown instead drew a circle around a place on her thumb that had a lot of swelling. Shap was told to watch and see if the swelling increased. The very next day she ended up in the ER.

Dr. Udit Chaudhuri, an internal medicine specialist who treated Sharp, claims: “She could have lost her finger or her arm if she hadn’t been diagnosed properly.”

As Jayne is diabetic, she has allegedly been at greater danger of creating a pulp-eating bacteria recognized as necrotizing fasciitis. She revealed that she’s starting to recover feeling in her right arm, having had a few surgeries, but there are still problems.

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