10 Celebrities Who Should Run for US President in 2020


Celebrities!! They are “oh so beautiful” that you can’t stop gawking at their shenanigans. Be it George Clooney’s suaveness or Oprah Winfrey’s compassion, we all tend to gaze at them with jaw-dropping wonder. But we also remember that one teensy-weensy time when Kanye West actually, threatened!to run for the President of United States at the MTV Video Music Awards. Well, if you ask me, this drama was so much better than him interrupting Taylor Swift speech. But this little Tea got me thinking what would actually happen if celebrities ran for presidency? Would the campaign rallies involve wrecking balls and tons of movie promotions?
Well, I’d surely love seeing Angelina Jolie beseeching the throne. So, here are the top 10 celebrities who should definitely run for US President. #elections2020 #USPresident #DonaldTrump