OMG! This Is How The Royal Dubai Family Spends Their Billions


Last time I actually imagined about swimming in a pool of gold is when I was watching The Aladdin. Yep, I can get carried away sometimes. But just think, you have all the money you’d ever need like the Sultan of Agrabah and if you ask me, I might just tip the Genie to dress Aladdin well. Okie Dokie, let’s come back to the real world because the rich family shown in The Aladdin is actually real. No, I am not talking about the shenanigans which happen in the world I am talking about the actual, makes your jaw drop on the floor, the real deal. Ya, ya, I know too that the “rich” family is based in Dubai; you obviously read that from the title of this video. But you surely must be eager to know who they are because I see that dollar sign in your eyes. In the “dream Utopian”, “always on my travel bucket list” Dubai is the rich and extravagant family of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a leader, father, poet and knight and also the holder of net worth $13.9 billion. #dubai #RoyalFamily #billionaires