Toddler tragically dies attempting to save puppy from Arkansas house fire. Please pray.


“There’s actually prints on the carpet of where she (the puppy) laid beside him, to try and save him from the fire,” says Deshay Wilson, the child’s mother. “They basically tried to save each other.”

On November 30th Deshay Wilson and Kurtis Sharp’s 23-month-old son named Loki died trying to save his 6-month-old puppy after their house in Gentry, Arkansas had caught fire.

Some of Loki’s eight brothers and sisters had saw him run back into the house.

“They are taking it really hard right now. They are blaming themselves for a lot of it,” said Deshay Wilson. “They haven’t been in school. His little sister, she’s not even a year old yet, she can’t even sleep through the night anymore. She wakes up having nightmares and screaming and crying for her brother.”

Loki was a fun-loving child and an outgoing spirit, his parents said.

They say that when the house was on fire the seen became chaotic. Between trying to put out the fire and also calling for help, Loki had ran back inside to save their 6-month-old puppy before anyone could grab him.

Although almost all of the family’s possessions have been lost in the fire, nothing compares to the loss of their child, the parents say. They hope their tragedy can remind other parents to cherish their kids more and never take any moments for granted.

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