Marc Little: This milestone proves ‘Trump-a-nomics’ is working better than Dems’ nanny state


Economics under President Trump’s leadership is working in Americans’ favor, CURE board chairman Marc Little said Thursday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” with host Pete Hegseth, Little said that the work ethic of the American people has been restored — citing recent numbers showing nearly six million people are off of food stamps since the president took office in 2017.

Last week, the administration proposed a new rule targeting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, which feeds more than 36 million people. The plan will limit states from exempting work-eligible adults from having to maintain steady employment in order to receive benefits. Critics say that hundreds of thousands of people who rely on the program could be adversely impacted.


“The American report card says we are doing well,” Little told Hegseth. “And while the Democrats, the party of slavery, went low with their impeachment yesterday, the American workers went high and they came off of food stamps and they are back to work.”

Little, a lawyer and political consultant, told Hegseth that to ask the American worker or a recipient of SNAP to spend 20 hours per week doing job training, work, or even volunteering, is “not too much to ask in exchange for the receipt of that benefit.”

He said that the “nanny state” that Democrats promote “keeps people on the couch.”

“And, quite frankly, when Uncle Sam is taking care of your family … it becomes your destination … But, that’s not the American dream,” he said. “That’s not what we promote at Cure around the country as we are changing communities. Personal responsibility and taking care of your family should be your goal.”

Little added that, under the SNAP program, “you can’t take care of a family of four for $500.”

“And, the reality is that we have got two things happening in America,” he said. “We have one side that wants liberty and freedom and limited government, and the other side that wants just the opposite. They want the ‘nanny state’ to take care of the family. They want to control our lives and you have a right to choose.


“And, we’re in the middle right now — we saw it last night at the impeachment — of choosing liberty or slavery,” he concluded.

Fox News’ Emily DeCiccio and The Associated Press contributed to this report.