Teen Can’t Afford Dream Dress, So Her Prom Date Teaches Himself How to Make It


An inspiring story of a teenage boy who landed a career by sewing his prom date’s dress.

Prom night is an event that many teenagers look forward to. Typically held at the end of the senior year, the prom night is filled with excitement and anticipation. Most girls start to prepare early- go shopping to find the right dress, find the matching footwear, either find a part-time job to save up for the dress or start collecting pocket money. But not every teenager is the same.

This is an inspiring story of a prom date who surprised his girl! Like any other girl, Addi Rust wanted to look marvelous at her prom. She had found her dream prom dress that was way too expensive, and there was no way she could afford it. Addi realized that her dream dress would always remain in her dreams, and was unsure of what she would wear.

The Indiana teen jokingly asked her prom date, Parker Smith, to make her prom dress. What Addi didn’t expect was that Parker would take her seriously. Prom night was a few months away, and Parker decided to do exactly what Addi asked him to do- stitch her prom dress.

Under his grandmother’s guidance, Parker spent months teaching himself how to sew. He worked hard for making the perfect dress for Addi, who knew exactly how her prom dress would look throughout the process. But she never expected it to bring tears in her eyes. Parker had spent all his time perfecting the dress for her, right until the night before the prom night.

When the dress was unveiled, everyone was speechless. God had shown a path to Parker to express his love for Addi, and his efforts were not only appreciated but also recognized. Parker was spotted by none other than Bob Harbin.

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