Doctor delivers newborn baby with knot in umbilical cord Doctor tells Dad you should grab a camera


Having a baby is such a blessing to the world. A wonderful new life with so much potential and hope. It’s an exciting time to plan names, a nursery, shop for cute tiny clothes and more. The miracle of birth is just as special. We get to recognize how amazing it is to create a life. It is such a gift.

Sometimes things don’t run smoothly and there can be complications. At times this could affect the child’s health temporarily or for their entire life. A mother goes through a series of texts and check-ups to follow the development of the baby. This effort is made to tweak any diet changes of the mother and sometimes an early delivery to rescue the baby if there is a danger.

A baby’s umbilical cord is of high importance to watch both during pregnancy and delivery. If there are problems, it could be life-threatening.

In a recent miracle story, a little boy was born, with a surprising problem. Everything seemed okay a first with the baby, he seemed to be breathing and looked healthy. This is when doctors took a look at the umbilical cord as saw a knot.

A small fully pulled knot was made with the baby’s chord which would normally limit or completely stop the flow of food, nutrients, and oxygen to the baby. A baby can also accidentally be choked. These could result in brain damage or even death. Luckily this was not the case for the child.

Somehow the baby came out perfectly fine.

“Hurry up dad, take a picture your baby is a miracle,” said a medical authority.

The picture of the knot is shocking to see. It truly is a firm knot. It’s hard to imagine how that happened, but fortunately, the baby was fine.

Please pray for babies with health concerns.

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