Archbishop of Canterbury’s daughter says her mental health is ‘bad’ but she’s determined to ‘get on top’ of it this year

Katharine Welby-Roberts
Katharine Welby-Roberts has been open about her struggle with mental health over the years


The Archbishop of Canterbury’s daughter has opened up about her ongoing struggles with mental health in a candid blog post.

Katharine Welby-Roberts admitted that her mental health at present “is as bad as it has been since the big depressive drama of 2012 and I confess, I feel lost.”

She also spoke of being “in the midst of a brain battle the likes of which I thought I may never face again” and having “come into the new year feeling like new year, same old me”. 

“I find the world an increasingly frightening place. I am more and more restricted to my little zone of the world. My anxiety is an ever growing prison, keeping me in a state of constant fear. Its exhausting [sic],” she wrote.

Listing her goals for 2020, though, she struck a positive tone as she said she was going to “get on top of my mental health a bit more again”. 

“This will involve likely having to pay for a psychiatrist, because apparently I am not suicidal enough to be seen by one on the NHS (funding/parity of car/the austerity legacy is a whole other blog…),” she said. 

“It will also mean working out new management strategies as the ones I have relied on for the past 7/8 years are no longer effective.” 

Despite her current mental health struggles, Welby-Roberts was upbeat about her other plans for the year, including getting back into work by blogging more and possibly starting on a new book.

She also spoke about her desire to start “seriously tackling” her environmental impact, beginning with de-cluttering. 

Being busy with parenting and family life, she said that she would start off with “small, gentle steps” as she works towards the “goal of living with less ‘stuff'”.