***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Dems to Focus on ‘Abuse of Power’


Democrats will have about 16 hours over the next two days to finish their opening arguments in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) signaled that House Managers will focus on “abuse of power” on Thursday.

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1:36 PM: Nadler uses Dershowitz’s 1998 comments on “abuse of power” against him. He also uses AG Barr’s 2018 remarks on abuse of power against Trump as well.


1:18 PM: Nadler is now explaining the “ABCs” (abuse, betrayal, corruption) of impeachment to the Senators.

1:11 PM: Nadler says no president has ever abused his power like Trump in the country’s history. He says Trump puts Nixon to shame with his “unprecedented” stonewalling. He says Trump’s conduct is “not America first. It’s Donald Trump first.” He says Trump has “flagrantly violated his oath.”

1:09 PM: Nadler says the Articles of Impeachment rank among the most serious charges ever brought against a president. He calls Trump out for his “complete stonewalling.” Nadler now explaining the Articles of Impeachment to the Senators.

1:06 PM: Schiff again leads off. Says it is rare for Senators to sit silently and pay attention to what House Members are saying. Says it helps that they will be imprisoned if they don’t do so. After saying he hopes witnesses will be able to testify, Schiff yields to Nadler.

1:05 PM: After Senators recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the second day of opening arguments is under way. Democrats have a little more than 16 HOURS left to make their case against Trump to the Senators.

12:55 PM: All about Bolton:

12:45 PM: Chief Justice John Roberts has arrived in the Senate. Opening arguments scheduled to continue at the top of the hour.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) taking a page out of Joe Lockhart’s playbook:



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