***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Dems Conclude Opening Arguments


Democrats will finish their opening arguments on Friday in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

House Impeachment Managers are expected to focus on “obstruction of Congress.”

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

3:31 PM: Schiff concludes his presentation on “abuse of power,” and the Senate takes a 15-minute recess. Democrats have about five more hours to go.



3:25 PM: Schiff asks the Senators to imagine if Trump had one of them investigated instead of Biden. He asks them if Trump wouldn’t have any of them investigated if it suited his interests. Schiff says if, deep down, the Senators believe Trump would have them investigated, then they cannot leave a man like that in office. Schiff says Trump will remain a threat to national security and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office. He says “there can be little doubt” that Trump will invite foreign interference in the country’s election, which will pose a threat to the country’s democracy. Schiff says the Founders understood that someone like Trump, who is faithful to himself and willing to sacrifice the country’s democracy and national security for his self interest, could one day get in power.

2:53 PM: Schiff thinks we need a “revolution of dignity” or a “revolution of civility” at home after speaking about how the Trump administration could learn a thing or two from Ukraine. He is repeatedly trying to establish that Trump subverted U.S. anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine because he was scared of Biden.

2:20 PM: Schiff concluding the “abuse of power” argument by saying Trump betrayed the country’s trust to a foreign power and undermined the country’s free and fair elections. He says Trump, “even today,” threatens the foundations of the nation’s democracy. Schiff going on and on about how Trump has “harmed” the country with his “scheme.”

2:00 PM: Crow back up telling Senators that Bolton repeatedly instructed officials to report to lawyers about the so-called “drug deal.”

1:46 PM: Jeffries says Trump and his team tried to prevent Congress from learning about Trump’s wrongdoings.

1:28 PM: Jeffries now up detailing all of the ways Trump and his team tried to “cover up” and “conceal” Trump’s scheme from the American people after Trump got caught red-handed trying to “cheat.”

1:11 PM: Crow talking about the events surrounding the release of the aid to Ukraine. He says the aid got released only after Trump’s “scheme went public” and public scrutiny of the scheme increased “exponentially.” He says there is no other explanation than Trump released the aid only because “he got caught.” He now repeats the testimony from various officials given to the House.

1:09 PM: Schiff again leads off and says Jason Crow will continue his “abuse of power” presentation before the House Managers go to “obstruction of Congress.”

1:07 PM: Senate convenes, and, after the pledge of allegiance, McConnell says Saturday’s session will start at 10 AM ET and run for several hours.

12:50 PM: The final day of oral arguments for the House Managers is about to get started at the top of the hour. Trump already concerned that nobody will watch the White House’s arguments on Saturday. Schiff indicates that Democrats will try to get Chief Justice Roberts to make a ruling on the executive privilege arguments.



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