Heather Jeanette Promises ‘I’ll Never Stop Loving You’ In Dreamy New Video: Premiere


Heather Jeanette illustrates the loneliness heartbreak can bring in the stunning new video for “I’ll Never Stop Loving You,” which Billboard premieres today (Jan. 28). The Virginia native’s delicate vocals soar on “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” alongside a steady beat and hand snapped rhythms.

An independent artist, Jeanette has penned songs for Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Derulo, among others. The country singer is trying her hand at a solo career with “I’ll Never Stop Loving You,” a song she wrote and produced herself and is expected to be included on her upcoming EP due out later this year.

“My main vision for both the song and video was to keep it simple, personal and timeless because nothing is more timeless and relatable than the feeling of heartbreak,” Jeanette tells Billboard. “To illustrate the loneliness of heartbreak in the music video, we escaped the hustle and bustle of the city to a beautiful trail an hour northwest of Los Angeles.”

The picturesque three-minute clip finds the Berklee College of Music graduate strolling in an open field as well as lamenting in a wooden room as she sings of heartbreak. It was directed by Mathew Tucciarone.

“To illustrate this feeling of heartache and loneliness, we filmed the music video out in a beautiful park north of L.A., and were greeted by only the sounds of nature,” Tucciarone says. “As the magic hour approached, I wanted to capture Heather’s timeless energy on-screen in the cadence of the fading sun, piercing through the forest and illuminating her performance.”

The heartache and loneliness is further illustrated by Jeanette’s emotive and smoky vocals. As she explains, the song came from a very real place and her vocal delivery makes this apparent.

“When I wrote this song, I was getting out of a relationship that was beyond repair. I still loved him, but I had reached a breaking point that I had nothing left to give and love wasn’t enough to hold it together. I imagined how I was going to tell him I was moving on and the words I wrote down turned into the lyrics of the song,” she says.

The video for “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” is below.

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