Christianity Explored trialling new hope-centred course

Rico Tice
Rico Tice (L) introducing the Hope Explored Course


The people behind Christianity Explored are working on a new course that will focus on inspiring hope through the ups and downs of life. 

Hope Explored is currently being piloted by Christianity Explored Ministries (CEM) in several churches before a full-scale launch planned for 2021.

Rico Tice, co-author of Christianity Explored, explained the motive for the new course at CEM’s recent annual lecture. 

He said that a lack of hope was one of the driving forces behind the high rates of suicide among young men.

“Modern secularism has stripped people of hope. We as a culture are stripping people of hope and people kill themselves because they do not have hope. And it’s agony,” he said.

“Why do these young men kill themselves? The key reason I have found […], what they are underneath feeling is this: I am on my own. And we have a Gospel that speaks to that, a Gospel of hope.”

Hope Explored is being designed for use immediately following Christmas and Easter, and it is hoped that it will act as a gateway to further study on the Christianity Explored. 

The three-week course is inspired by the promise of a Wonderful Counsellor in Isaiah 9:6 as fulfilled in Jesus.

Week 1 will explore the theme of “Mighty God”, looking at Luke 8 and 9, while Week 2 will study Luke 23:29-46 around the theme of the “Prince of Peace”, and Week 3 will wrap up with sessions on the “Everlasting Father”, examining Luke 24:1-12.

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