Randy Rainbow Reworks Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ to Lampoon Donald Trump: Watch


Following his acquittal in the Senate, President Donald Trump has been busy celebrating the news and getting back at those who testified against him. Needless to say, internet comedian Randy Rainbow had plenty of material to craft his latest parody. 

On Tuesday (Feb. 18), Rainbow released his latest parody, titled “No Rules for Donald,” using Dua Lipa‘s hit song “New Rules” as the backbone. At the video’s outset, Rainbow kicks things off as he usually does in a faux interview, this time with attorney general Bill Barr, who came under fire for interfering in the sentencing of former Trump aide Roger Stone, seemingly at the behest of the president. 


After jokingly getting the AG’s thoughts on Justin Bieber‘s Changes, Rainbow launches into his line of questioning, hilariously donning two pairs of his now-famous pink reading glasses to grill Barr about his involvement in the Roger Stone sentencing, and the president’s acquittal in the Senate. “He’s now doing whatever he wants!” Rainbow exclaims. “Interfering in criminal cases, firing key witnesses … farting constantly in the oval office and blaming it on Melania.”

Rainbow then launches into his song, where he expertly rewrites Lipa’s rules over and over again, slamming Trump’s behavior since the Senate trial. “One, ignore the law, pretend the Constitution isn’t there anymore,” he sings from inside of Trump’s head. “Two, stick up for thugs no matter what they’re guilty of. Three, pick up the phone and pressure foreign governments to win your elections, ’til Republicans let you do it all again. There are no rules for Donald.”

Throughout the video, Rainbow also takes aim at many of the Republican senators who defended Trump during his trial, including Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Devin Nunes and Mitch McConnell, by superimposing his lips over theirs, having them repeat that “there are no rules for Donald, he can do anything at all.” To end the video, Rainbow plays a clip of Trump declaring he did nothing wrong, before spitting back in an autotuned vocal, “Girl, you’re a lunatic!”



Check out Randy Rainbow’s new parody below:

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