Alerta! ‘The Circle’ Is Coming Back to Netflix with a Brazilian Edition


Fans of Netflix’s reality TV phenomenon The Circle need not wait much longer for another fix. I mean, I know Love Is Blind is scratching the itch, but the vibe is wildly different from the feel good shut-in antics of The Circle. While a Season 2 of the US Circle is still TBD, Netflix confirmed that The Circle: Brazil is coming way sooner than you think! Season 1 of the latest international edition of The Circle will arrive on Netflix on March 11, bringing a whole new crop of contenders and catfish all vying for that big cash prize of $300,000 Brazilian reais (roughly $68,600 USD).

The announcement, which came as part of Netflix’s new-on list for March, confirmed what you already knew if you subscribe to the Netflix Brasil YouTube account. A teaser for the season popped up on there back in late January, giving fans a glimpse of how the show will look translated into Portuguese (Alerta! Bloqueada!). We’re all going to know how to say “message” and “send” in Portuguese before the season’s over.

Even though The Circle: Brazil is in another language and presumably has an entirely Brazilian cast, the season was shot in the same place that The Circle UK and The Circle US were shot: an apartment building in Salford, UK. You can tell from the trailer that the same apartments are being used for this series, albeit with slightly different decorations.

The Circle Brazil host Giovanna Ewbank
Photo: Netflix

The Circle: Brazil is hosted by Giovanna Ewbank, a Brazilian actress, model, and TV personality most known for hosting the long-running Video Show. How big a deal is she in Brazil? Uh, she has 20.9 million followers on Instagram. She’s… a big deal.

The Circle: Brazil Season 1 debuts on Netflix on March 11.



The Circle: Brazil on Netflix


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