NBC’s Todd: Sanders May Have ‘Crushed the Hopes of a Democratic Establishment Desperate to Stop Him’


Host Chuck Todd explained Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) win in the Nevada caucus was upsetting to the so-called “Democratic establishment” hoping to impede his push to the party’s presidential nomination.

Todd said, “Sanders, indeed, won a smashing across the board victory. He won among men and women, college graduates and non-college graduates, liberals and moderates union and non-union members, people who decided early and people who decided late. In short, Sanders crushed it.”

“And in doing so, he may have crushed the hopes of a Democratic establishment desperate to stop him,” he continued. “The enthusiasm among Sanders supporters is matched by trepidation among other Democrats who fear that Sanders will not only lose to President Trump but will take down the House majority and any chance of winning back the Senate as well.”

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