Nigeria has become a ‘killing field of defenceless Christians’ – report

boko haram
Screen capture from Islamic State’s Amaq news site of Christian aid workers Godfrey Ali Shikagham (left) and Lawrence Duna Dacighir, before their execution by Boko Haram.(Photo: Morning Star News)


At least 350 Christians have been killed in Nigeria since the start of 2020, according a new report. 

The Nigerian-based International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law – or Intersociety, as it is also known – estimates that around 11,500 Christians have been killed in the country since 2015 “when the present central government of Nigeria came on board”. 

Out of this figure, it attributes 7,400 deaths to militant Fulani herdsmen and 4,000 to the Boko Haram terrorist group. 

The bloodshed by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen is mainly affecting the north of the country. 

Boko Haram splinter group, the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP), has also been responsible for a string of deadly attacks and the execution of a pastor in recent months.

Attacks by Boko Haram this year have been especially bad in Borno, Adamawa and Taraba States, the report warns. 

“Generally, many, if not most of the victims of Boko Haram/ISWAP attacks in Nigeria’s Northeast are Christians,” it said.

Other Christians, the report said, were falling victim to roadside attacks by bandits and “highway kidnappers”.

Last year, Intersociety said that at least 1,000 Christians had been killed by Fulani herdsmen in 2019 and at least 2,400 the previous year. 

It estimates that at least 20 clergymen have been murdered and another 50 abducted since 2015, while at least 2,000 churches and Christian worship centres have been targeted in arson attacks, with Fulani herdsmen being responsible for about 1,500 of these, and Boko Haram 500.

“Nigeria has fully become a killing field of defenceless Christians,” Intersociety said.