Ohio University’s Marching 110 Does Virtual Fight Song From Home


You’ve seen virtual birthday parties. Virtual weddings. Even a virtual bris!

But, have you seen an entire college marching band come together from their own homes to jam out their school’s FIGHT SONG?! Well, you have now!

Check out the Ohio University Marching 110 — AKA, “The Most Exciting Band In The Land” — performing a virtual rendition of “Stand Up and Cheer” despite the quarantine keeping the musicians’ miles apart.

It’s really amazing stuff — and even made its way to the desk of Ohio governor Mike DeWine who dedicated the performance to “all our wonderful healthcare workers and first responders across #Ohio.”

FYI … the Marching 110 has a knack for going viral — you may have seen them busting out  renditions of “Gangnam Style” and “Party Rock Anthem.”

The new performance isn’t just inspiring — it also made us hyped for football season … which immediately made us sad that it might not be happening in 2020 thanks to that stupid virus.

Regardless, shout out to the Marching 110.