Otis def. Dolph Ziggler


ORLANDO, Fla. — Otis will forever look back on WrestleMania 36 as not only the event where he made Dolph Ziggler pay for all the anguish he caused, but also the night that he finally, after years of courtship, earned a kiss from his beloved Mandy Rose.

With Friday Night SmackDown’s mysterious hacker having recently revealed that Ziggler and Sonya Deville conspired to sabotage his Valentine’s date with The Golden Goddess, Otis wasted no time going after The Showoff, who was accompanied to the ring by Sonya.

Otis’ aggressiveness got the better of him, however, and Ziggler took control after a mistimed avalanche splash by Otis, using a combination of underhanded tactics and stinging strikes to wear down the big man. Otis rallied, but a distraction by Deville enabled Ziggler to kick the Heavy Machinery member below the belt behind the official’s back, putting Otis on the brink of defeat.

That is, until The Golden Goddess arrived and evened the playing field. Mandy slapped the taste out of her seemingly former Fire & Desire teammate’s mouth before turning her attention to Ziggler. As the ref tended to a wounded Deville, Mandy delivered a savage low blow to The Showoff, paving the way for Otis to flatten Dolph with the Caterpillar for the win.

As if his victory wasn’t sweet enough, Otis then capped off his unforgettable night with a smooch from Mandy and carried his “peach” out of the ring, proving that love wins in the end.