Alabama Man Finds A Way To Sing To His Wife With Alzheimer’s In Nursing Home During Pandemic


Ann Kline has been battling Alzheimer’s for the last 17 years. Her husband John has stood by her side every day of her journey and when she had to be moved into an assisted living facility last year, he began visiting her multiple times each day.

If you happen to look at John Kline’s Facebook page, you’ll find years of status updates, many of which are dedicated to his “sweetheart” Ann. He often shares photos of their continued adventures and declares his love and his vow of “til death do us part”.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases, strict restrictions are in place baring him from seeing his sweetheart.

But John found a way to see her and continue to help her through her battle with Alzheimer’s by talking and singing to her through the window.

“my precious, Ann, knows the hymns, she knows the Bible, she knows her John.” he said.

During one of his recent visits through her window, the two of them sang “Amazing Grace” together and it was recorded by the nursing home staff.

John posted the emotional video to his Facebook page.

Not even a pandemic will stop this man from seeing his sweetheart.

Watch the sweet duet in the video below.

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