First Responders Play Bagpipes At Sunset To Send Hope


Music brings us together, even from distances and walls that are separating us.

The pandemic has confined people to their homes, but some are finding ways to connect with the outside world. Every night at sunset, the sound of bagpipes fills the air in neighborhoods across the country.

A captain with the Aurora Fire Department, Thomas Johnson, is a member of the Colorado Emerald Society. The Society is a band comprised of first responders from 24 police and fire departments around Colorado.

“The pipes have a centuries-long tradition of inspiring courage and resolve to people in times of distress,” says Johnson.

They are trying to spread hope in a dark time when people feel scared and they hope their music will send a comfort, even for a moment or two.

“Last night, I heard some applause from the neighbors around us,”

“That’s the positive reinforcement back to me that this is doing what we’re hoping that it does.” says Johnson.

Thank you to all those out their spreading hope and joy in this dark time. Things will get better.

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