Weatherman Starts Working From Home Then Goes Viral After Cat Joins Broadcast


A meteorologist named Jeff Lyons has been working at home doing his broadcasts, now he has went viral. Not for snow flurries, but something furry. His cat.

Lyons set up a new in his dining room to do his broadcast. But his adorable cat named Betty keeps insisting on being part of the show. Turns out that people are loving her appearances!

Ever since she her debut at the beginning of April, more and more people have started watching Lyons’ broadcasts.

Some viewers even tune in from Australia and Europe, so it is pretty clear that it’s not the weather they are interested in.

“The outpouring for this silly cat has been crazy,” said Lyons.

To honor his cat, the Lyons decided to give her a designated graphic that reads “Betty the weather cat.”

The idea to bring her on the show came from Lyons’ coworkers who saw her in a behind-the-scenes video. Betty has now gained her owner thousands of views and likes on his Facebook page.

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