Parents Fear Newborn Twins ‘Have Forgotten Us’ After Not Seeing Daughters For 5 Weeks Because Of Lockdown


On February 20, 2020 Kendra Berry-Stankovich delivered her little twin daughters, Danica and Quinnlyn.

The twin girls arrived at 31 weeks and were placed in the NICU. The Pennsylvania couple, Kendra and her husband Michael, would go visit their twins in the NICU but then all the sudden, the world changed.

Because of new visitation guidelines, it’s been almost five weeks since Kendra or Michael have been able to see their daughters in person.

Within the first three weeks of the little twin sisters lives, the hospital had went on full lockdown.

“They called us and told us that we couldn’t come back,” Kendra said.

In their absence, the nurses have been stepping in as the twins’ guardians and doing everything they can for them but the parents are devastated that they can not visit their daughters.

The twins older siblings have not gotten to meet the new babies in person yet.

With no skin-to-skin contact or the ability for Kendra to be able to nurse them, the parents are worried that their daughters may have already forgotten them.

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