Asian Couple Attacked By Xenophobic Man Over Coronavirus, Cops Investigating


An Asian man was attacked in Seattle by a guy who slapped, shoved and spit on him … and it was all out of revenge over the coronavirus, and now cops are on the hunt.

As awful as it is, it’s actually even worse because cops say the culprit has been threatening Asian residents all over the City.

The man allegedly told the Asian couple “it’s all your fault” … clearly referring to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact it originated in China and the government was hyper-secretive.
Cops say this is the same guy who was harassing Asians at Golden Gardens Park.

In one attack, police say the man approached an Asian woman in her car, knocked on her window, asking, “Where are you from? Where is your ID?” Cops say the man was also taking pictures of the victim’s car and yelling, “Chinese disease … they bring it here!”

Donald Trump has been on a tear against China, accusing the government of intentionally keeping the pandemic in that country secret and not giving the rest of the world an adequate heads up. Some critics say Trump has been so fervent against China, it has emboldened some people to lash out at Asians in America.