Whatever Happened to The Sandlot’s Patrick Renna? How He’s Killing It In a New Venture


Raise your hand if you’d like s’more Sandlot in your life. Same. 

Thankfully, for fans of the cult 1993 classic, Patrick Renna (a.k.a. brash catcher Ham Porter) has gotten the team back together. The upcoming special, dropping on the actor’s YouTube channel later this month, was inspired by the response to their 25th anniversary reunion on the Today Show back in 2018 and the seemingly endless parade of successful reboots (hello, Fuller House, Will & Grace and the forthcoming Gossip Girl redux). “Just seeing other cast reunions I was like, ‘Gosh, I’ve got to do one with the guys,'” he reasoned to E! News.

But one of the biggest drivers in this trip down memory lane is his inability to grow a beard. Stick with us on that one. 

The lack of facial hair has left the 41-year-old both perpetually a bit baby-faced and, unmistakably, that guy from millennials’ favorite coming-of-age baseball flick. “Looking exactly the same, whether fortunately or unfortunately, it’s always present,” he explains to E! News. “So to put it into something creative has been a lot of fun for me.”