5 Creepiest Unexplained Voices Ever Recordings


In the 1960s, doctor Konstantin Raudive developed a technique to communicate with the dead. Born in 1909, the Latvian writer and intellectual dedicated his life to parapsychology and the afterlife. Under the guidance of Carl Jung, Raudive worked as a professor at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. However, after the Soviet reconquest of Latvia, he was exiled from his home country during the Second World War. Subsequently, he collaborated with German parapsychologist Hans Bender on the project, which would eventually generate this creepy voice sequence… Raudive stands next to his recording device. How it works: Raudive would ask questions and record the static interruptions in the ensuing silence. Electronic Voice Projection (EVP), a technique commonly used among "ghost hunters" to this day. Raudive's first EVP allegedly picked up his recently deceased friend, Margarete Petrautzki. She spoke of the great beyond in her native German… As the story goes, he was listening to a recording one night, where multiple voices were picked up. It was only after playbacks that Raudive deciphered her voice. Although he grew somewhat accustomed to the variety of voices, speaking in multiple languages, it was hearing Margarete's voice that shook him to his core. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RatdvH5Oy7I