***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Virginia Rally


President Donald Trump will hold a Friday evening rally in Newport News, Virginia.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

9:05 PM: Trump says he was told not to go for Virginia and he says he said: “Why not?” Trump talks about the state’s “crazy governor.”

Trump says the state has a “crazy governor” who favors “execution of the baby” and “who thinks he is Michael Jackson.” Trump says he thought he resembled Michael Jackson when he was young.

Trump says based on the governor who wants to take away guns, he said “let’s give Virginia a shot.”

9:03 PM: Trump says this is the most important election in the country’s history and immediately brings up gun control in Virginia.

“If Sleepy Joe Biden is elected, your Second Amendment will be eliminated and your firearms will be confiscated, whether you like it or not,” Trump says.

Trump says Biden vows to impose “punishing taxes” on gun owners and “wage the most aggressive war on gun rights in U.S. history.” Trump says Biden will disarm law-abiding Americans while there will be riots down the streets.

He says only by voting for him can you save the country and the Second Amendment.

9:01 PM: Trump begins his rally in Virginia as a poll released this week found Trump getting 14 percent support among black voters in the state. Trump said he is familiar with Newport News and did work there for his father. Trump also thanks “the great people from North Carolina” and asks if anyone is here from North Carolina.

8:59 PM: Trump about to address the audience.

8:45 PM: Trump expected to speak at the top of the hour.