Heidi Klum Creates a Horror Movie and Proves Once Again She’s the Queen of Halloween


Heidi Klum‘s Halloween may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean the model isn’t celebrating the spooky holiday in a huge way. 

This year, in lieu of Heidi’s famous annual Halloween party, the former Project Runway host decided to create her own scary short film on Instagram TV.

The new film, directed by Chris Stott for Sublime to the Ridiculous Productions, is five minutes long, and shows Heidi struggling to find decorations for an epic, safe-at-home family bash. She dresses up her four children Helene, Lou, Johan and Henry as mummies in toilet paper. Unfortunately, when lightning strikes the house, Heidi’s kids turn into real mummies that crave her flesh and blood. Even Heidi’s husband Tom Kaulitz becomes a monster thanks to Halloween magic!

Heidi transforms into different objects around the house (thanks to the help of makeup artist David Gilmore) in order to camouflage herself from her zombified brood. Sadly, she’s not successful, and gets eaten alive on Halloween like a whole bag of fun sized candy bars. Yikes!