Southern California Edison: 16,000+ Customers Still Without Power


Southern California Edison said Friday that over 16,000 customers are without power as the utility company continues its shutoffs due to what it claims are elevated windy conditions.

The areas impacted by the shutoffs are Los Angeles Orange, Kern, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties.

CBS Los Angeles notes: “Shutoffs are designed to reduce the risk of fires caused by electrical equipment when strong winds are forecast. Several large fires in the state have been linked to electrical equipment.”

Speaking to the local news outlet, Simi Country Mobile Home Estates resident Jeannie Murray said she’s been without power since Thursday.

“Right now, it’s 58 degrees in the house. It’s 58. We’ve been bundled up with sheets, and blankets and every solitary thing you can imagine,” Murray said.

Murray then gave an emotional account about how the shutoff ruined her Thanksgiving dinner, forcing her to throw her food away.

“I’m just worried it’s going to happen again,” she said, attempting to hold back tears. “I cannot keep trying to buy food. I can’t do it. It’s too expensive and everything. I wanna cry. I’m sorry about this. It just frightens me.”

Around 100,000 Southern California Edison customers could still lose power, the Los Angeles Times reports.