Hillsong Founder Claims Carl Lentz Had Multiple Affairs in Leaked Audio Recording


The New Yorker claimed that by October Lentz’s wife had found out about his infidelity, and he told Karim, “My life is over. I don’t know what’s going to happen. If my wife is going to forgive me,” according to her interview with Vanity Fair.

“I know what I got myself into, but at the same time I wanted to do the right thing and walk, walk away,” Karim told the outlet. She added that she regrets the relationship and wishes she “never met him.” 

But according to the new audio clip, Houston saw other problems with Lentz’s behavior. “He was a difficult man to have any kind of direct conversation with because it was always defensive, it would always be put back on the other person, as though the other ones were the problem,” he said.