Botched Season 7 Supertease Teases “Plastic Fantastic” Patients, a Designer Vagina and More


Designer vaginas, twerking fake butts and “cute” camel toes: It’s just an average day at the office for Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow

That’s right, Botched is back on E!. In an exclusive supertease for the new seventh season premiering tomorrow, May 18, the doctors tackle some of their wildest cases yet. From armpit boobs to oozing surgeries gone wrong, Nassif and Dubrow deal with the unthinkable. 

“Can this be fixed or will I always have breasts in my armpits?” a desperate client asks. 

Nassif and Dubrow boast 50 years of experience between them, but even after a combined half-century in medicine, the physicians are shocked at some requests. “I’m the most plastic fantastic sugar baby there is,” another client coos. 

A proud patient brags about her “designer vagina” that gives her a “cute camel toe,” while other clients suffer deformities and mysterious bulging body bits. Nassif and Dubrow aren’t backing down from these never-before-seen ailments, though.