Donald Trump prophecy: Modern-day prophets ‘crash and burn’ over Joe Biden election win

“I rather suspect that if that same fate still applied today, there would be very few applicants for the job of ‘world-famous prophet’. “If by some unforeseen circumstance President Trump does indeed end up being re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021, a whole bunch of Baptists, myself included, need to go back to the drawing board […]

Joe Biden Bible prophecy: God will use US President to ‘usher in the Tribulation’ – claim

Signposts of the Times said: “We as Christians, and in particular, those that understand and follow Bible prophecy will be watching with much interest over the next days, weeks and months ahead to see how God will use President Joe Biden to put in place the final pieces of the Last Days puzzle that will […]

Life after death: Man believes he saw Hell in visions of the afterlife

Whether there is anything after our current existence is a matter of mystery. However, one man, who gives his name as just Jeff, believes he now has an answer about life after death. Following a car accident, Jeff believes he saw Hell, which was rushing towards him as the car was crashing. The man said […]