Nessie dead? Scot shares image of huge skeleton found on South Uist beach

People have taken to Twitter to jokingly speculate whether the 30-feet long skeleton belonged to the famous Loch Ness monster or her relative. Hannah Burns, who recently moved to the area, came across the skeleton while walking her dog on Stoneybridge, South Uist beach in the Outer Hebrides on Tuesday, April 20. “We first saw the […]

Life after death: Absolute nothingness greeted man in the great beyond – afterlife claim

‘Is there life after death?’ is a question which continues to plague humanity. One man now believes he has the answer – but has dashed hopes of a glorious heaven full of clouds and loved ones. Instead, the afterlife is a void of complete nothingness where the darkness is visible for as far as the […]

UFO hunters believe they have spotted a mile-long spaceship near the ISS – watch

UFO hunters often examine footage from the ISS in the hope of finding evidence of aliens, and a conspiracy theorist believes he has hit the jackpot. During a routine live broadcast from the ISS, a strange object can be seen floating below it in Earth’s clouds. In the clouds, a rectangular object can be seen […]